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The UK's only* non-commercial support organisation for SAD
A voluntary organisation and a registered charity
An information source for the public and for health professionals
Dedicated to advising and supporting SAD sufferers nationwide

Do you hate the long winter evenings?
Do you want to hibernate and overeat?

Do you feel exhausted, anxious and depressed?
Do you crave sunlight ?

You could be one of us. Read on ...

*SADA is in no way connected to or affiliated with the commercially linked site www.sad.org.uk - SADA is the UK’s only registered charity dedicated to SAD. www.sad.org.uk is owned by a company called Internet Fusion, who also own a profit making website which sells light boxes for those affected by SAD. The similarity of website addresses between SADA, the Charity, and the above site remains a regrettable source of confusion for the public.

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